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Canada's #1 Demolition Derby

Canada's #1 Derby

Buckle your seatbelt because you're in for a wild ride!

Thrill Show Productions Inc., producers of Canada's #1 Demolition Derby for more than 35 years, bring the best in smashin' and crashin'! Come out and see why "the original" is still the best!

The Full Size Class Demolition Derby

This is racing with a twist! These drivers don’t do circles…they do damage! The last car running is crowned champion, taking home cash and of course a coveted Thrill Show Productions trophy.
The Full Size Demolition Derby has three classe ; Pro Modified 1980 & Newer, Open Modified any year, Straight Stock 1980 & Newer Series.

Those Full Size Pro Modified drivers that qualify for a feature heat could also qualify for the season ending ‘WILLIAMS CUP Demolition Derby Championship’. "East meets West, North comes South, where One Driver Gets The Glory, One Driver Is Crowned Champion, One Driver Takes The Cup" This is where the 'Best of the Best' come to do battle in Canada’s biggest and best Demolition Derby event. Held annually in Simcoe Ontario at the Norfolk County Fair Thanksgiving Weekend, these gladiators will test the limits of their driving & their machines in Canada's Grandest Demolition Derby Championship of all.

Introduced in 2007 the Straight Stock Class drivers now have their own Championship event to qualify for! Here drivers from the Full Size and Midsize classes compete for the Neil Jamieson Memorial Trophy at Rockton World’s Fair. This Straight Stock Championship is also held on Thanksgiving Weekend.


4 Cylinder Figure 8 Racing Series

Grab an oval track at each end, twist it in opposite directions, add a bit of craziness and you have 4 Cylinder Figure 8 Racing! These cars can go around the Figure 8 frontwards, backwards, sideways or upside down…and they do! The driver first to complete 15 laps is the winner. A fan favorite and a crowd pleaser to the last lap, 4 Cylinder Figure 8 Racing is an event you don’t want to miss!

The 4 Cylinder Figure 8 Championship is held annually at the Rockton World’s Fair, Thanksgiving Weekend in Rockton Ontario. Over 60 cars in 10 heats do battle to be crowned Thrill Show Productions, Canada’s #1 Figure 8 Race Champion!
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The Minismash

Smaller cars, same BIG action! Just like the big cars, these derby drivers are smashin' & crashin' their cars with all they got to get a piece of the glory that comes with being crowned a Thrill Show Production Derby Champion. Come and see these demolition derby gladiators and be prepared to be 'thrilled'!



The Rollover Competition

Ever wondered how they made those cars roll end-over-end in the movies? Well, let Thrill Show Productions show you the magic behind it all!

For over 40 years on TV, in the movies and in front of grandstands across the world, Thrill Show Productions own Williams family have been rolling cars with precision and expertise. Now the madness has spread!

In specially built cars, performed on professionally designed ramps by super-charged drivers the ‘Rollover’ has become a sport! Come and see these drivers charge the ramps with no other purpose than to roll their car end over end. The driver able to roll his car the most wins!

Now is that a spectator sport or what!



Half-ton Truck and Minivan Demolition Derbies

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Smash'n'Crash Your Way to Thousands in Cash & Prizes!

"Canada’s #1 Demolition Derby", because…
• Professional Experience in Producing Demolition Derby Events
• Over 2000 Derby Events Produced
• Over $2 Million Dollars Awarded in Cash & Prizes


Each Year Thrill Show Productions awards more than $100,000 in cash & prizes.
To see the very best in derby action, see a "Canada’s #1 Demolition Derby"!


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